WordPress is a tool for the creation and administration of dynamic web sites,
static websites,web apps,online trading apps, mainly focused on the graphical aspect and you can also create blogs.
Wordpress is completely free and doesn’t require a very powerful computer for running.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is a open-source software, for this reason is entirely personalizable with
many free plug-ins, (like WooCommerce) and paid ones.
In the same way there are available countless graphic themes and layouts for the websites,that they
allow you to personalize your website.
You can choose between free and premium templates, which you can found either on the WordPress’ developer’s siteĀ or on another specialized portals.
Wordpress implements an automated update system, which can be managed and triggered by multiple Admin,Editors ecc..
With the usage of permanent links WordPress allow a better search engine’s indexing, this helps the site to be moreĀ visible to the final user.